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Do I feel justified in leaving this here to die?
Who really got left behind?
Was it you or I? You or I — had to let you go before the poison took its toll, before it made a bigger hole.
You were out of line and now we’re out of time.
Yeah now we’re out of time.

But as long as I’ve got my two left feet, nothing in the world that can stop the beat.
I’m an outcast, can’t you see?
Chasing my destiny
And as long as I’ve got you next to me, there ain’t nothing that we cannot defeat.
Yeah we’re outlasts, truthfully.
And you’re all that really matters, all that really matters to me.

Paralyzed by memories of our demise, I wear my best disguise to hide from all these prying eyes.
This mystery of how it all came to be will forever puzzle me, but I’ll be fine, I’ll get by someway, someday.
Someway, someday


Oh everybody’s got nostalgia high, chasing the vibe from another past life
But it feels so right, yeah
But I know in my heart I’ve still got time, and I promise you one day we’re gonna reach the sky.
We’re gonna reach the sky.



from Shapes & Colors, released May 25, 2018


all rights reserved



Shapes & Colors Troy, Michigan

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